It’s been a wild ride!

While doing some end-of-year decluttering, I came across my first “real world” employee ID and business card from Poppe Tyson, a pioneering ad agency that had just launched one of the first digital agencies in the world (best known for spinning out DoubleClick).

Looking at the date on my ID**…

Awesome Labs

Units? Micrograms? Milliliters? Tick Marks? Frustrated? PepCalc makes peptide math simple

6 small, unopened peptide vials on a table with a bottle of bacteriostatic water behind them.

Public interest in peptide therapy has recently taken off in the wellness space, but the math involved in determining accurate syringe measurements can be confusing to even experienced users and practitioners. It doesn’t have to be.

Quick Note: Peptides are still a “gray” area (they can be sold for research…

That’s one thirsty bot

25 years ago, the Milk Mystic was dropping milk-related knowledge on the web. I just brought it back to life.

Screenshot of the Milk Mystic web-based chat interface from 1996

TL;DR: 🤖💻 👉 I have resurrected the Milk Mystic, and you can experience it exactly as it was in 1996. Go ahead, check it out!

Back in 1996 I was working as an “application developer” (what software engineers were called back then) at Poppe Tyson, one of the first global interactive agencies. At the time, I was messing around with command-line conversation programs such as Eliza, which used natural language processing to maintain a dialog…

A simple “stack hack” to organize and share my supplement regimen with other biohackers and self-quantifiers

My wide-open mouth stuffed with a bunch of different supplements.

I’m often asked about my supplement regimen, so I came up with a way to easily share and track my supplement “stack.”

💊 GitHub… for Supplement Tracking!

Since supplement regimens change over time (whether based on personal needs/goals, self-experiments, etc.), I thought GitHub would be a great way to share my current stack with the…

I’ve previously written about some experiments I’ve conducted involving ketosis, from intermittent fasting to longer five-day fasts and caloric restriction, to help my body kick-start production of ketones. However, in these cases getting into ketosis involved a lot of work so I was looking for ways to shortcut/“hack” the process.

Exogenous Ketone Esters and Ketone Salts — A Shortcut to Mimicking Ketosis

Donating my body, er… being!… to (citizen) science.

Over the past few years I’ve been sharing my self-tracking/Quantified Self and biohacking adventures at And over this time I have accumulated a lot of personal data** — biometric, health/wellness/fitness, medical, behavioral, financial, activity/location, meals, books I’ve read, and even driving.

Born out of my own needs to aggregate…

Bob Troia

🤖 Technology + 💻 Data + 💪 Wellness. 💡 Entrepreneur. 🎸 Musician. ⚽️ Athlete. aka @QuantifiedBob. Co-founder @AwesomeLabsLLC

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